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The Golden Haand Weaving Centre in Finsterwolde combines research, production and promotion of handwoven textiles. At our weaving centre you can also learn the weaver’s craft yourself. 


You will find a variety of products here, such as Weaving equipment, Golden Haand Utility textiles, Books and more.

Weaving Centre

At the Golden Haand weaving center you can learn to weave or take an in-depth course in various subjects.

Si’ira book

The book by Mirja Wark about the he intricate belt weaving of the Wayuu Indians from the Guajira

Weaving creates a sense of peace and order as well as useful results.
In these hectic times full of stress and digitalisation this is quite a special experience.


I am Mirja Wark and I have been weaving all my life. Many years of travelling the globe have yielded a treasure trove of fabrics and techniques which I would now like to share with others in lectures, classes and exhibitions.


Living in different places around the world has resulted in a large collection of hand-woven textiles, as well as a knowledge of various and often surprisingly simple techniques. 

I regularly publish articles about these experiences in the magazine Handwerken Zonder Grenzen


I regularly give lectures combined with exhibitions.
This way I promote the art and craft of weaving and bring weaving closer to people. 
Small local museums and groups of weavers often contact me because of my passion for textiles.