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Ethnic weaving

For those who have mastered the basics.

A country week is about the textiles of one specific country.

Acquire more knowledge and understanding by means of a lecture and slideshow, books, and by studying authentic fabrics. First we first make a miniature replica, complete with finishing, and then we design, carry out and finish a project. After one week, you can take your finished product home.


Course: Silk scarf with golden inlays, worn as a turban

Couse: Bedouin tent band: Tereekah, tent bands from the desert


Couse: Berber pillow from the Jabal Nafusa with finishes for edges and decorations

Couse: Bakhnoug, Tajira and Ketfiya: miracle fabrics after dyeing with madder

Couse: Issabarrah, screen in weft-twining technique of reed and leather


Couse: Camel bands: traditional and double-faced

Couse: Sur-fabric finished with bandweaving

Couse: Camel Bags with finishing


Course: Finger braiding

Course: Ply Splitting


Check the calendar for dates. Send an e-mail and pay half the course fee. Two weeks in advance you will be notified if the course will go ahead. You then pay the second half of the course fee.