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Boek bespreking Si'ira door Peter Collingwood

Dear Mirja Wark,
I have just been given your truly splendid book, “Si’ira”, by Eduardo and Maria Portillo, silk weavers in Venezuela. It is signed by you but I do not know how you are involved in this wonderful gift. In any case, thank you for the immense task of collecting all that information and writing it.
What a work! it seems you have answered all the questions a visiting weaver could ask…and more, because you learnt every detail of making these belts from the Wayuu themselves.
It really is such a pleasure to see how thoroughly you have covered the subject…text in three languages, diagrams, superb pictures by the Beukers, background text, design pages… it is all there! It almost takes my breath away knowing myself the hard task of book-making!
My daughter has just returned from a holiday in that region but with instructions from me to try and find ply-split braided textiles from the Wayuu. Which she did and collected a few for me. For years I knew of work from there, mostly from Marianne Cardale Schimpff’s unpublished thesis… and suddenly, from her and now from you, they have come closer.
Again thanks for the magnum opus, I hope it is received with acclamation by the weaving world; it certainly should be.
Best wishes,
Peter Collingwood
June 16, 2008

Peter Collingwood was een vermaard wever, onderzoeker en schrijver.
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